Journal 20

Wild Side Graffiti Pillow

Once I knew I was going to make a pillow using Libs Elliott new collection Wild Side for Fall 2017 Quilt Market, I had to decide what to make. Obviously thread painting using the coordinating Aurifil Wild Side thread box had to be included. I didn’t want the thread painting to be a center focal point in the pillow, I wanted the fabric and thread to be equally represented.


I pondered the line for a few days and wanted to somehow include graffiti quilting. So why not literally create graffiti. This idea also felt like it represented my impression of the collection and Libs Elliott.

I chose to also incorporate geometric shapes using improv half square triangles. So I decided to piece the background with the neutrals prints and throw in a few triangles!


The main focal print in the line is the skulls in three color ways. I loved the way the skull print is just simply an outline made of geometric shapes.


I had to figure out how I was going to literally create graffiti. And I definitely have never spray painted graffiti before. So bring out google, and I googled graffiti. Not surprising images brought up graffiti alphabets in different styles. So I picked a few styles and practiced drawing out my phrase. I chose the phrase “release your Wild Side” because it played on the name of the fabric collection and brought the fabrics full circle. I drew a different style of graffiti lettering for each word.

I wanted the thread painted skull to be similar to the fabric by using the geometric outline and letting the background shine through. I added bits of fabric to the geometric shapes created in the skull.


Then I thought how cool it would be for the phrase, “Release your wild side” to be coming from the skull, almost like he was saying it.

I wanted it to feel eclectic and use most of the fabrics from the line. I traced my graffiti letters onto wonder under and ironed them onto the fabrics. I placed the phrase on the pillow and thread painted around the edge of the letters to hold them down and add texture.


I thread painted a few other designs from the fabric including the lips, moon, and eye.

IMG_6426IMG_6430I graffiti quilted the background of course!


For the back, I pieced together 5” charm squares and did matchstick quilting.


A zipper and leather label was added and the 20’ pillow was complete!


Thank you Andover fabrics for the opportunity to be inspired and create!

Happy Quilting!!

Xx Casey


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