RBG Drawing

RBG Drawing

I know you might be wondering why I am posting a blog post about a drawing of RUth Bader Ginsburg and not something quilting related. It’s also been a long time since I posted anything. I think Ruth is an incredible person, a strong woman and a fearless leader. She inspires me to to strive to make a difference in my life.

My original drawing, simply started as a sketch. I was not even sure I could draw her portrait, it had been a long time and in the past I used to the grid method to free hand to be sure the proportions were exact. This time I completely free handed the drawing by simply looking at the photo on my tiny phone screen. I was so excited I kept going to see how the shading would enhance the piece. At some point I realized there was no turning back and this would be a pencil drawing (mechanical pencil). I loved the finished drawing but I had mixed feeling because I knew that I could not do anything else with it such as color.

I decided to photograph it and make copies to use as reference for other projects. I had so many ideas, hand needle turn appliqué, thread painting, raw edge appliqué. I am still not exactly sure how to make those come to fruition. I did however have the idea to use the copy to draw a second drawing in my sketchbook to play around with. Then RBG #2 was born. After months or maybe year I decided to take the leap and start adding color.

I wanted the color to be colored pencil which is my favorite medium. I also wanted to play around with a mostly monochromatic palette except a few splashes of other colors. I love the way it is coming along. I need to add white highlights in and finish the robe, necklace and background.

This is giving me ideas of making a sketchy thread punted version at some point 😉. I’m also thinking more color iterations would be spectacular to eventually have a set of four to give an Andy Warhol vibe! Check back for updates!

XX Casey


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