Journal 1


Who Am I?

My name is Casey Johnson. I am a 25-year-old quilter; thread painter, artist and runner. I have two puppies, a mini Australian Shepherd named Oakley and a Chiweenie (Chihuahua + Doxie) named Tula Pink. ((Yes, she is named after the famous fabric designer Tula Pink.)) I live in North Carolina in between the mountains and the beach.

I started really getting interested in quilting/sewing 3 years ago, when I noticed all the gorgeous modern fabrics in the quilty world! But, I had always been exposed to quilting, because my mom has had a sewing space in our house ever since I can remember. I remember using her sewing machine as a young girl and making my very first quilt and feeling so proud of my accomplishment. And still to this day, I absolutely love quilting and sharing a sewing space with my mom, she is a true inspiration to me.

I draw inspiration and creativity from the patterns, fabrics, colors, textures, sounds and people that surround me and I figured what better way to display my creations than with a blog. So please enjoy my creations and maybe something will inspire you!

Happy Quilting!!


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