Journal 6

Ex Libris Thread Painting

I knew when I found out who was going to be teaching at Glamp Stitchalot that I wanted to make a thread painting for each teacher. I soon realized that making six thread paintings was probably no going to happen in time for Glamp, so I started with Alison Glass and Tula Pink.

I researched which print would work best for Alison and settled on the butterfly from her Ex Libris collection in the warm colorway.

butterfly croppedI thread painted the butterfly using Aurifil thread on a light lavender solid fabric. I started thread painting with the white thread and put down a base layer. I then moved on to the citron green color in the wings. Next I thread painted the plum and raspberry colors of the dots, body and outlines.

Since the thread painting wasn’t very large I wanted to make the piecing and borders detailed to make up for it. I decided I want to piece the borders using Alison’s quilt patterns. I shrunk down the feather blocks for the first border and I shrunk down a few of her tessellations blocks for the second border. For the final border I chose to use the bookplate petal fabric to give a comparison to the thread painting and to tie the whole mini together. I used Handcrafted and other AG fabrics that coordinated with the Ex Libris bookplate petal fabric for the piecing.

butterfly quilt crop


For the quilting I did matchstick quilting on the feather and tessellations and left a few sections un-quilted to add dimension. I quilted in micro stippling around the thread painted butterfly. For the final border I quilted in a hydrangea floral pattern to compliment the fabric.

butterfly quilt whole

I love how this mini quilt came together. I think I like the piecing just as much or if not more than the thread painting. I was sad to give this one away but I know it has a great home!


Happy Quilting!

Xx Casey


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