Journal 13

2 for 1 double gauze quilt!

Last November I met the talented and inspiring Katy Jones who is the editor of Quilt Now magazine. After realizing how much quilty-greatness is inside each issue of Quilt Now magazine, I knew that is exactly what I should get mom for Christmas. Enclosed in one of the first issues was not only one great quilt pattern but a 2 for 1! Even Better!


I found this pattern very simple but perfect for busy fabrics with big, bold designs.


I had a bug to try working with a new (to me) textile, double gauze! I started with a great bundle of Nano Iro from Trailer Stash Fabrics and added a few additional pieces to have enough fabric for the pattern. This quilt would be solely double gauze fabrics from Nano Iro, Heather Ross and Cotton and Steel.


I had a feeling this fabric would be a bit tricky to work with and have a lot of play. To my surprise the piecing wasn’t too difficult with a little starch. The quilt top went together very quickly. Once it was all together I could now tell the blocks were a bit wonky due to the play in the fabric.



6 months later I am finally ready to quilt this soon-to-be cuddly quilt. I wasn’t sure how I should quilt it. I ended up choosing a very simple design that would not take away from the bold prints but also not too tight that might distort/destroy the delicate nature of the double gauze fabric. On the small triangles on each side of the flying geese pattern I straight line echoed inside the triangles. On the larger center triangles I continuously echoed the triangle design about 1/2 inch apart.




The quilting was going quickly but it was getting a little boring so I decided to mix it up. On every column I changed it up by adding a different design to one center triangle block.




After only 2 days of quilting it was finished! The blocks appear more wonky than I would like but i still love it.



I bound the quilt in the leftovers from the back. After I threw it in the wash it was SO crinkly and cuddly! And what was even better was that the wonky blocks were not near as noticeable as before. I am so happy with how it came together (wonky blocks and all) and it is the softest quilt I have ever made!


For the back I used a large piece of my favorite from Nano Iro and Cotton and Steel (and selvage)!



I hope this quilt inspires you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Happy Quilting!

XX Casey


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